Jays find their new Johnny Mac in Omar Vizquel

Finally some Jays news to report!

Though don’t get too excited. The only news I bring is that the Jays have agreed to a deal with soon to be 45-year-old veteran Omar Vizquel. Yes, that Omar Vizquel.

He’s not going to bring a whole lot of tangibles to the field as his glove work has declined over the years and he was never known as a power threat. Still I think the Jays see him as a great mentor for Brett Lawrie, even if they play different positions. Plus it never hurts to have a veteran around on such a young team. Also he is yet to win a World Series, so maybe that’ll help keep him motivated.

There’s also rumours swirling that the Jays are trying to improve their bullpen with either Koji Uehara or Francisco Cordero, or maybe both. Given that the ‘pen was a real weak spot for Toronto last year, the more arms available the better. 

And finally, it looks as though the Jays are close to inking Brandon Morrow to a three year, 2o million dollar deal with a fourth year option. It’s not a ton of money given his potential, but Morrow is still yet to take that final step towards consistency. Hopefully 2012 is the break out year he’s teased us with for so long. If so, this contract will prove to be a bargain. 

Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting news to relay in the next few days….


If Vizquel is signed for the purpose of helping Lawrie then I believe it’s a great move. Vizquel has a Hall of Fame worthy glove in my opinion and will make a great coach some day.


I wish the Jays had signed him 10 years ago, but if he serves as a player-coach type guy then I can see him being useful.

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